A Stormy Situation: NYC High School Converted to Illegal Migrant Shelter

In yet another shocking display of misplaced priorities, a high school in New York City has been transformed into a temporary shelter for illegal immigrants, leaving American students to resort to remote learning. James Madison High School, which has served as an educational institution for over a century, will now house approximately 2,000 illegal immigrants who were bused in from a former airfield in Brooklyn.

The decision to convert a school into a migrant shelter raises several concerns. First and foremost, this move jeopardizes the education of American students who now have to learn remotely. While the school claims that this transition is being made to accommodate families seeking refuge, it seems like an unnecessary disruption to the lives of lawful residents.

The situation at Floyd Bennett Field, where tents were set up for the immigrants, became untenable due to an approaching storm. However, rather than finding alternative solutions, the authorities hastily converted a school, disrupting the lives of American students in the process.

It is important to note that this is not an isolated incident. New York City has seen a staggering influx of over 150,000 illegal immigrants in the past two years alone. The New York Times reported in December that nearly 70,000 migrants were crammed into emergency shelters, with people sleeping on floors and sidewalks in the bitter December cold. This situation is not only a strain on local resources but also poses potential public health risks.

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The implications of this decision extend beyond just the immediate disruption to education. By prioritizing the needs of illegal immigrants over American students, the authorities are sending a troubling message. They are essentially saying that the education and well-being of lawful residents can be sacrificed for the sake of accommodating those who have entered the country illegally.


Q: Why was the school converted into a migrant shelter?
A: The conversion was made to provide temporary shelter for approximately 2,000 illegal immigrants who were brought in from a former airfield in Brooklyn. This decision was made due to the approaching storm that threatened the tents set up at Floyd Bennett Field.

Q: What impact does this have on American students?
A: American students at James Madison High School are now forced to learn remotely, disrupting their education and daily routines. This decision prioritizes the needs of illegal immigrants over the education and well-being of American students.

Q: How many illegal immigrants have arrived in New York City recently?
A: According to The New York Times, over 150,000 illegal immigrants have arrived in the city in the past two years. This has resulted in a strain on local resources, with nearly 70,000 migrants crammed into emergency shelters.

While it is important to address the humanitarian needs of individuals in difficult situations, it should not be at the expense of American students’ education and well-being. The authorities need to find alternative solutions that prioritize the needs of lawful residents and maintain the integrity of our educational institutions.

As concerned citizens, we must remain vigilant and hold our elected officials accountable for their decisions. Reach out to your local representatives and express your concerns about the prioritization of illegal immigrants over American students. It is crucial to remind them that education is the foundation of our society and should not be compromised.

In conclusion, the conversion of a New York City high school into a migrant shelter is a clear example of misplaced priorities. American students are being forced into remote learning while illegal immigrants are given preferential treatment. We must advocate for the rights of our students and demand better solutions that prioritize their education and well-being.

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