UAF’s Appointment of a Radical Activist Retchenda George Bettisworth Raises Concerns about Academic Integrity and Ideological Bias

The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) recently made headlines by appointing Retchenda George Bettisworth as its new “Chief Diversity Faculty Fellow.” While the title may sound innocuous, a closer examination reveals a troubling agenda. George Bettisworth is a radical, hard-left activist who has spent over two decades promoting divisive notions of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and critical race theory (CRT) in the academic realm.

The implications of this appointment extend beyond the UAF campus. It signals a disturbing trend of ideological bias infiltrating higher education institutions across the country. By appointing a person with a clear agenda, UAF is essentially endorsing and perpetuating a particular worldview, shutting down dissenting voices, and stifling intellectual diversity.

The Impact on Academia and the Education Sector

The appointment of George Bettisworth as the “Chief Diversity Faculty Fellow” directly affects the academic and educational sectors. The role is specifically designed to advise the UAF Chancellor on promoting a culture of diversity, inclusion, respect, and caring. However, the underlying assumption is that these values can only be advanced through a narrow ideological lens.

By embracing critical race theory and DEI activism, UAF risks undermining the principles of academic freedom, open inquiry, and intellectual diversity. These principles are fundamental to a robust and thriving educational system. When universities become echo chambers for a particular ideology, they fail to fulfill their mission of fostering critical thinking, rigorous scholarship, and the pursuit of truth.

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The Background of Retchenda George Bettisworth

George Bettisworth’s track record speaks volumes about her ideological leanings. She has served on numerous DEI-focused committees within the University of Alaska system, advocating for the decolonization of the curriculum and pushing CRT as a framework for teaching about culture and diversity. Her dissertation, which forms the foundation of her work, unabashedly embraces critical race theory and calls for its widespread adoption in university curricula.

George Bettisworth’s dissertation asserts that racism is endemic and invisible, deeply ingrained in social systems and practices. She argues that recognizing racism, power, and privilege within ourselves and our environment is crucial for cultural competency in social work education. However, by framing the issue through a critical race theory lens, she perpetuates a binary view of oppressor versus oppressed, disregarding the complexity of individual experiences and perpetuating division rather than fostering understanding.

The appointment of George Bettisworth as the “Chief Diversity Faculty Fellow” at UAF should be of concern to anyone invested in the future of academia and the broader society. It highlights the growing influence of left-wing progressive ideologies in higher education and the potential consequences for intellectual freedom and diversity of thought.

As concerned citizens, we have a responsibility to stay informed and engaged. Here are some suggestions for action:

  1. Stay informed: Keep up with developments in higher education and be aware of the ideologies being promoted on campus. Stay connected to alternative news sources and voices that challenge the prevailing narrative.
  2. Engage in dialogue: Foster open and respectful discussions about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Encourage critical thinking and the exploration of different perspectives. Create spaces for civil discourse where all voices are heard.
  3. Support intellectual diversity: Advocate for universities to uphold the principles of academic freedom and intellectual diversity. Encourage the inclusion of diverse viewpoints and ensure that ideological bias does not dominate the curriculum.
  4. Get involved: Consider supporting organizations that promote intellectual diversity and free speech on college campuses. Attend public lectures and events that feature a range of perspectives.

The appointment of Retchenda George Bettisworth as UAF’s “Chief Diversity Faculty Fellow” raises significant concerns about ideological bias and the erosion of academic integrity. It is crucial for us to remain vigilant and actively promote intellectual diversity and open inquiry in our educational institutions. Let us remember the words of Proverbs 18:15: “The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out.” Stay informed, engage in dialogue, and support intellectual diversity for the betterment of our society.

Key Takeaway: The appointment of a radical activist to a prominent position at the University of Alaska Fairbanks highlights the growing influence of left-wing progressive ideologies in higher education. Such appointments risk undermining academic freedom and intellectual diversity. It is essential for concerned citizens to stay informed, engage in dialogue, support intellectual diversity, and advocate for the principles of open inquiry and free speech on college campuses.

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