Video: Rep. Jamie Allard’s Turncoat Townhall

Last week, so-called Republican House legislators completely surrendered and threw their hats in with Democrats in Juneau to form a bipartisan majority. After excluding Mat-Su Representative David Eastman, they signed off on placing their fate in the hands of the Uniparty that openly opposes our traditionally conservative values.

This latest move in the House will have long-lasting repercussions, namely providing Democrats with a major advantage over Republicans. For any constituents stuck with one of these washed-out RINOs, prepare yourself for at least another two years of a bumpy ride!

Jamie Allard must be held accountable for her betrayal of Alaska

Self declared conservative Jamie Allard’s Tuesday Turncoat Townhall is an effort to justify her actions against a fellow conservative and promote globalist policy. It’s time to stand up and make your voices heard! Jamie Allard must be held accountable for her betrayal of Alaska.

Rep. Allard and her uniparty have taken away the voice of Alaskans by disenfranchising Rep. Eastman, a Republican serving the 27th district of Alaska, was voted in overwhelmingly by his constituents for his conservative policies and values.

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Let’s tell them NO MORE! Demand that Jamie Allard and the Uniparty respect the will of the people who voted for her, by keeping Eastman on the committees where he is needed, and not using his standing against the binding caucus to fire one of his staffers. Let’s make sure our representatives do the right thing!

On Friday, Rep. Eastman was informed that one of his staffers would be terminated, a direct result of the vote by Rep. Allard to give Rep. Craig Johnson the title of Rules Chair. In response to this unfortunate situation, the other Republicans in the House chose not to show Eastman any support; instead they proceeded to hire new staff while preventing Eastman from keeping even two employees–one less than the Democrats are allowed! These choices leave Rep. Eastman with very limited options.

This means Rep. Eastman would have to either join the Democratic Caucus or watch helplessly as one of his staff members gets laid off; a stark contrast from what other representatives get – even the Democrats get two full-time staff members for their respective offices.

It starts with the people of Alaska. Join us in this fight to prevent the silencing and disenfranchisement of Alaskan voters! Call your house legislator today and demand they respect the will of Alaskans and allow Eastman’s district to have the same representation on committees as the other Republican legislators! Speak up and make sure those in power know that we won’t stand for this globalist agenda anymore. Let’s take back our state!

We have a right to be heard, let’s use it!

We need to make sure that she is not allowed to get away with this and that every Alaskan knows exactly what Rep. Allard and other Republicans did in Juneau. She sold out the people of Alaska in order to gain power, and this cannot stand. Let’s make it known that Jamie Allard does not represent the will of Alaskans, and should be held accountable for her actions!

Tell Rep. Allard and the uniparty: No More Selling Out of our state’s natural resources! No Carbon Credit Monetization! No more taking away citizen voice! Paper ballots and hand counting! Respect the rights of Grand Jurors. Stop OCS from taking children without substantiated information and due process on all anonymous tips. Let us rally together and call on Jamie Allard to do the right thing: respect the will of the people who voted for her!

Rep. Allard’s Townhall Today

Rep. Allard has followed in the footsteps of her predecessor Kelly Merrick, joining a bipartisan caucus with a Republican speaker and voting with the members of said caucus to effectively strip conservative representative David Eastman of his committees. Although Rep. Allard claims to be MAGA, acting without favor to the uniparty, her actions suggest she is aligning more closely with the Left in this matter, which could indicate she is leaning towards pleasing Democrat leadership rather than living up to her campaign promises of being a Trump Supporter. This act raises many questions about who Rep. Allard is truly representing—her constituency or special interests?

Rep. Allard has shown a complete lack of respect for a fellow conservative legislator and demonstrated that she is even worse than Kelly Merrick. While Merrick’s desire to remove Rep. Eastman from his committee was still inappropriate, at least she and the bipartisan caucus offered him some semblance of patience; however, Allard and the caucus showed no such courtesy.

The fact that they chose to directly meddle in Eastman’s staff reveals how little regard they had for him, his staff, or the Mat-Su voters they work for. It’s an utterly despicable act of hypocrisy and goes to show exactly how low they are willing to stoop.

Alaska GOP actions against Rep. Eastman are blatantly hypocritical and oppressive!

The fact that they are holding his feet to the fire by forcing him to jump ship to the Democrats or else suffer a staffing penalty, while at the same time they are hiring additional staffers, shows they care more about maintaining their power than fairness and respect for Republican voters. We can only assume that this type of cold-hearted behavior is how matters are handled in today’s politics, but it is still an ugly sight for any political observer—or for anyone who values justice—to witness.

This is not what we sent them to Juneau to do!

The recent decision to install binge Democrat Bryce Edgmon and Neil Foster as co-chair of the finance committee has sparked plenty of controversy. A lifelong Democrat who changed his party affiliation to ‘Undeclared’ in an effort to garner more support from Republicans appears desperate and inconsistent with democratic ideals. Their press conference didn’t help any, either – by declaring their lack of any type of position on the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) when asked, it’s clear they’re not understanding what’s at stake here.

Thousands of Alaskans look up to the legislature for direction, yet here we are sitting amidst cloudy rhetoric and seemingly duplicitous motives. It’s not too late to change course, but Alaskans are expecting a responsible approach – one that starts with principled leadership instead of backroom deals.

The House Finance Committee will be made up of 11 members, but how many of them represent a conservative or even an impartial point of view? Of the 11 members, four were selected by the Democrat Caucus and seven were chosen by the bipartisan caucus. What’s alarming is that two of the individuals chosen by the bipartisan caucus are also Democrats, which gives their party majority control of the committee. Alaskans elected a Republican majority in November, but now Republicans only hold 5 out of 11 seats on the most powerful committee in the house. You can thank Jamie Allard for that. She voted for it.

This situation creates a partisan imbalance on the House Finance Committee that further demonstrates how powerful and oppressive this Uniparty can be in a democracy. Together, we can make a difference. Let’s take back our state and protect the freedom that makes Alaska great! Join me in this fight by calling your house legislator today and demanding they respect the will of Alaskans. Thank you for standing up for liberty! Together, we will prevail.

Rep. Allard’s Turncoat Townhall Video

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  1. This is not appropriate.
    All elected Alaskan officials have a right to their voice and vote.
    Those blocking others rights need to be held accountable to all Alaskans who have voted for them and those that did not vote for them.
    I feel we need more balance in our representation for Alaska and Alaskans.

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