Sarah Short’s Outrageous Rant: A Case Study in Irony and Hypocrisy

Sarah Short, evER tHE SELf-pROClAiMeD guARdiaN OF EThICs ANd InTegRiTy, recently took to social media with a wild diatribe aimed at the Alaska Independence Party (AIP) and the Republican Party. Her post, dripping with paranoia and unsupported allegations, is a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black.

Sarah’s Wild Claims

Here’s a taste of Sarah’s latest masterpiece:

“If you can’t put two and two together for association you might ask yourself why? AIP new vice chair, guns and promotion of violence is not ok, closely aligned with our new Republican Party candidates???? You wonder why we keep having candidates who flip and vote with the Dems it is because we elect those who are already aligned with people associated with this type of stuff. Wake up to the infiltration of our party and start asking questions. Anyone can show up at church or get elected when they collaborate with people of questionable ethics. Even worse when they lie about those associations. I’m simply sharing posts made by these people themselves. Put them together and what do you have a huge gap of ethics before we even start.”

Sarah Short, June 9th 2024, Facebook

Irony, Thy Name is Sarah

Let’s break down the sheer irony here:

  1. Association and Ethics: Sarah, the very person who has been caught lying about her sister’s identity, spreading baseless accusations about local businesses and ignoring her homeless daughter while filing stalking petitions over petty grievances is suddenly concerned about “questionable ethics” and “associations.” Pot, meet kettle.
  2. Promotion of Violence: She accuses others of promoting violence and succession while conveniently ignoring her own friends, Terry Drake, who was kicked out of an Anchorage Assembly Meeting for making revolutionary threats while armed and, Michael Chambers, who was the former chair of the Alaska Independence Party. Consistency, anyone?
  3. Gaps in Ethics: Sarah talks about a “huge gap of ethics” yet has no problem fabricating evidence and re-filing dismissed cases just to harass her perceived enemies. Maybe start with cleaning up your own backyard, Sarah.

A Closer Look at the Accusations

Sarah appears to be waging a relentless campaign against the AIP (and Republicans), alongside her cohorts Michael Chambers, Ric Davidge, and Ray Kreig, who rely on unsubstantiated assertions to incite fear and suspicion. It is essential to clarify that attending church and winning elections do not signify a vast conspiracy. These unfounded accusations are merely a smokescreen to divert attention from Sarah’s own ethical deficiencies. While her supporters are fervent, their zeal is misguided; regrettably, they lacked the necessary support to gain Union dominance over the AIP, as indicated by the party’s recent convention.

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In her bewildering tirade, she included the aforementioned images of the enigmatic anon Thomas Paine, the Social Media Sensation Huhnkie Lee, Juneau mechanic Robb G Finley, Leslie Martin, Arthur Serkov, and James Bright. She encircles their names, accusing them of being affiliated with the AIP in a manner reminiscent of a witch hunt. She then zeroes in on the Gottshall family, singling out individuals from the community council board on which she serves.

Who Is Zack Gottshall?

Zack Gottshall is not just another name in the community; he is a pillar of leadership and integrity. With a distinguished career spanning various sectors, Zack currently serves as the Chair for the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights and the Vice Chair for the Alaska Republican Party. His extensive experience, just to name a few, includes roles such as:

  • Chairman of the Alaska State Human Rights Commission: Appointed by Governor Mike Dunleavy and confirmed by the Alaska Legislature, Zack leads this quasi-judicial civil rights enforcement agency, ensuring the enforcement of anti-discrimination laws.
  • Deputy Director for Southeast Asia, Japan, Oceania, and Mongolia at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence: Zack has provided critical intelligence and policy guidance to various U.S. agencies. According to his LinkedIn: Zack “… Served as Principle Advisor for regional intelligence strategy. Developed and implemented multiple USIC integration projects. Provided regional specific U.S. policy guidance to the various agencies within the USIC on all matters relating to Southeast Asia. Coordinated inter-agency collaboration to achieve collection and analysis goals in support of U.S. strategies. Lead working-level administrative engagements between and amongst the USIC and National Security Council through regional strategy boards and analytic exchanges.
  • Intelligence Specialist for US Marine Corps: Zack was an all-source intelligence specialist, conducted research and analysis of regional threats to maritime operations and amphibious assault planning efforts. Produced all-source assessments and briefs for the 2nd MEF commander and U.S. Navy leadership. Collaborated with Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA) for target development and refinement.

I do not approve of the language used by that man or any of his thoughts. I’m ashamed people trying to represent us are associated with him and lie about it.

Sarah Short

Sarah, nobody asked you.

Now, let’s ignore this insufferable woman, and address the real issue:

The real problem here isn’t some imagined infiltration of political parties but rather individuals like Sarah who use lies and manipulation to push their agendas. Her own actions—impersonating her deceased sister, filing frivolous lawsuits, and harassing community members—speak volumes about her credibility.

It’s time for the community to see through Sarah’s smokescreen. We need to focus on real issues and hold accountable those who misuse their platforms to spread falsehoods and create division. Let’s advocate for transparency, integrity, and true ethical behavior—starting with demanding better from those who so loudly proclaim their own virtue.

Sarah Short’s latest rant is nothing more than a desperate attempt to deflect attention from her own failings. Her history of deceit and harassment disqualifies her from lecturing anyone on ethics or integrity. As we move forward, let’s remember the importance of honesty and hold those who deceive accountable.

Stay tuned for more insights and updates on community matters. Let’s work together to build a more truthful and united community.

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