Unmasking the Truth behind the Ongoing Media Slander Against Rep. David Eastman

Watch the Kakistocracy in Action! In a world increasingly dominated by a corrupt media alliance and political machinations, the case of Representative David Eastman stands out as a glaring example of media manipulation and the relentless pursuit to vilify those who dare to speak against the prevailing narrative. The latest attack on Eastman is not just a story about a single individual; it’s a testament to the ongoing battle between the truth and the manipulative power of the media.

Unveiling the Hypocrisy: David Eastman’s encounter with the Alaska Children’s Trust (ACT) and the subsequent media uproar is a classic case of media distortion. Eastman’s analogy, highlighting the double standards of the abortion lobby, was twisted and misrepresented. He questioned the logic of justifying abortion to prevent potential child abuse, yet such a rationale is conveniently ignored when discussing the rights of the unborn. This is not advocacy for violence; it’s a call to confront hypocrisy.

The Swamp’s Tactics: The response to Eastman’s comments reveals the depth of the media’s deceit. They took his words out of context, portraying him as a proponent of something he clearly opposes. This is a common tactic of the media swamp – to distort and manipulate facts to serve their agenda, crushing dissenting voices in the process.

What’s The Economic Value of Life?

ACT’s presentation on the economic implications of child abuse and the costs associated with it brings to light a disturbing trend: the commodification of human life. By calculating the “economic benefit” of an unborn child, they venture into morally ambiguous territory, challenging the very essence of human dignity and worth.

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David Eastman’s Stance on Abortion: A Commitment to Life

David Eastman, a father of four and a member of the Alaska Peace Officers Association, carries a profound respect for life, shaped by his experiences as a former police officer, firefighter, and EMT. This reverence is encapsulated in the motto “That Others May Live,” reflecting his dedication to protecting and preserving life in all its stages.

Eastman views abortion as a tragedy, not only for the unborn child but also for the parents involved. He recognizes the deep and lasting impact abortion can have on individuals who see no other option. This perspective stems from a deep-seated belief in the sanctity of life, acknowledging that the forceful taking of innocent life is indefensible.

A staunch advocate for a culture that values life, Eastman emphasizes the importance of supporting and empowering parents. He advocates for a society that assists mothers and fathers in nurturing their children, regardless of the circumstances they face. This support is vital from the moment of conception and continues as the child grows.

Where Have All the Girls With Down Syndrome Gone (And Other Questions You Aren’t Supposed to Ask)?

Opposition to Taxpayer-Funded Abortion: Eastman firmly opposes the use of taxpayer dollars to fund abortions, as is currently the practice in Alaska. He sees this as not only morally wrong but also as a practice that undermines the culture of life essential in combating issues like infanticide, child abuse, and domestic violence. He argues that government resources would be better allocated to supporting pregnant women and new parents, rather than funding procedures that end innocent lives.

David Eastman’s stance on abortion is shaped by his personal and professional experiences, rooted in a deep commitment to the sanctity of life. His views reflect a desire to foster a society that not only respects life but also provides the necessary support to ensure that parents and children thrive together.

The Real Agenda: This entire episode is a stark reminder of the media’s power to shape narratives and influence public opinion. They use their platform not to inform, but to propagate their agenda, often at the expense of truth and integrity. The attack on Eastman is a part of a larger scheme to suppress voices that challenge their narrative.

What did Rep. Eastman say?

Rep. David Eastman’s comments were centered around challenging the arguments used by the Alaska Children’s Trust abortion lobby. He used an analogy to highlight the hypocrisy and inconsistencies in their arguments. Here’s a summary of the key points Rep. Eastman made:

  1. Analogy Highlighting Hypocrisy: Rep. Eastman made an analogy suggesting that if arguments for abortion are based on premises like preventing a child from growing up in an abusive household or saving on education and social services costs, then by that logic, it would be similarly justifiable to allow the killing of children in abusive households. This analogy was meant to point out the logical inconsistency in the abortion arguments, not to advocate for violence against children.
  2. Questioning Economic Arguments: Rep. Eastman questioned the economic arguments often presented in favor of abortion, such as the claim that society benefits economically when “unwanted” children are aborted. This line of questioning was in response to a presentation by the Alaska Children’s Trust that discussed the economic impact of child abuse and the potential economic evaluation of children’s lives.
  3. Clarification of Stance: Although the media and other political figures may have interpreted or portrayed his statements as advocating for violence or being insensitive, the context suggests that Eastman’s intent was to expose what he saw as a double standard in the logic used by proponents of abortion. Rep Eastman was not advocating for harming children but was using a rhetorical strategy to challenge the prevailing arguments for abortion.
  4. Response to Misrepresentation: Rep. Eastman explicitly clarified he does not support the horrendous idea of harming children. He was addressing the inconsistency in the arguments of those who support abortion for the unborn while simultaneously claiming to protect children from abuse.

A Call to Vigilance!

For the readers, it’s crucial to discern the truth in a sea of misinformation. Investigate, question, and look beyond the headlines. The media, in its quest for influence and control, often overlooks the fundamental principles of journalism – objectivity and truth. It’s up to the individual to seek the truth and stand against the tide of manipulation and deceit.

As we reflect on this situation, Proverbs 12:17 comes to mind:

Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another.

Ephesians 4:25

Stay informed, question narratives, and seek the truth. The battle against misinformation and media manipulation is ongoing, and it requires constant vigilance and a discerning mind.


  1. Was David Eastman advocating for violence against children?
    No, Rep. Eastman was highlighting the hypocrisy in the arguments of the abortion lobby, not advocating for violence.
  2. Why is the media targeting Eastman?
    The media targets figures like Rep. Eastman as they challenge the prevailing narrative and expose the inconsistencies in their arguments.
  3. What can readers do to discern the truth?
    Readers should research, verify facts, and look beyond sensational headlines to understand the real story.

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