Kelly Lindsey Nash (aka Nasty Nash) the Fake Interior Patriot of Alaska

Kelly Lindsey Nash is a name that has been circulating around Alaska’s patriot community lately, but not for good reasons. This self-proclaimed patriot has been caught in multiple instances of hypocrisy, deception, and even sabotage against fellow patriots.

Firstly, Nash’s personal life leaves much to be desired. Her home is described as cluttered and unkempt.

People with a conservative temperament place a higher value on cleanliness and orderliness because they tend to value tradition and stability. A clean and organized home can provide a sense of stability and control in an unpredictable world. Research even suggests that people with a conservative temperament may be more sensitive to disgust and may have a stronger aversion to uncleanliness.

People with a conservative temperament also prioritize personal responsibility and self-discipline, which can manifest in the form of keeping a clean and orderly home. Additionally, a clean home can be seen as a reflection of personal values and a sense of respect for one’s environment.. Perhaps Kelly Lindsey Nash’s lack of orderliness is what contributed to her youngest teenager daughter being pregnant out of wedlock.

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Does anyone want Nasty Nash cutting their hair in her condo’s carpeted living room?

Nash’s frustration is understandable with the safety protocols for hair salons, nail salons, and barber shops, but it’s important to keep in mind that these protocols were put in place to ensure the safety and cleanliness of both clients and employees. Let’s try to focus on working together to find ways to keep our communities safe and healthy, and let’s stop cutting hair on carpet.

Cutting hair, doing nails, and shaving facial hair all involve close contact with other people, which makes it easier for viruses and bacteria to spread. That’s why it’s crucial for businesses in these industries to follow strict sanitation and safety protocols.

As for liquor stores and pot shops, they don’t have the same level of physical contact with customers. Additionally, while some people may abuse alcohol or drugs, it’s not fair to paint everyone who frequents these establishments with the same brush.

Cutting hair without using clean and sanitized equipment and maintaining a clean and safe environment for clients poses serious health risks. Dirty or contaminated tools can lead to the spread of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, which may cause infections, diseases, and other health complications.

For example, dirty hair clippers or scissors can transfer blood-borne pathogens like hepatitis B, C, and HIV from one client to another. Contaminated combs and brushes can cause skin infections or folliculitis, which is the inflammation of hair follicles. Unclean towels or capes can spread lice, ringworm, or other contagious skin conditions.

In addition to the health risks, not maintaining a clean and safe environment can also result in legal consequences. Alaska has regulations in place that require hair salons and barbershops to follow strict sanitation and safety guidelines. Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to fines, penalties, and even loss of license.

Is Nash meeting those specific requirements that must be met in order to operate legally or does she assume she’s above the law? We doubt she’s following the health and safety regulations set forth by Alaska Board of Barbers and Hairdressers, such as using clean and sanitized equipment and maintaining a clean and safe environment for clients.

This campaign didn’t go well.

Nash has also been known to defend a rapist and second generation bank fraudster, claiming that he was falsely accused and wrongfully arrested. She has also been caught slandering and harassing children who do not agree with her online, which is unacceptable behavior for anyone, let alone a self-proclaimed patriot. Oh, the and the kicker? She got the wrong kid and harassed with the wrong parent!

Additionally, Nash has attempted to derail a MAGA candidate in Alaska, seemingly working against the very ideals she claims to uphold. Her support for the Uniparty has also come under scrutiny, as she regularly sends whatever they tell her to her group without questioning the content or veracity.

Kelly Lindsey Nash thinks she’s powerful
because she gets messages from representatives...

It is also worth noting that Nash’s grasp of the English language leaves much to be desired. Her spelling and grammar often do not represent “We the People,” and this lack of attention to detail has caused some to question her motives and sincerity. “Is she trying to make us look bad?”

Nash’s support for labor unions in Alaska is yet another contradiction of her self-proclaimed patriotism.

Labor unions advocate for policies that run counter to conservative principles, such as increased government intervention in the economy, higher taxes, and more regulation. Moreover, unions often engage in political activities that are at odds with conservative values. By supporting unions, Nash is aligning herself with organizations that undermine the very values she claims to hold dear.

Patriots are critical of unions for several reasons. One major concern is that unions can have a negative impact on the economy by raising wages and benefits to levels that are not sustainable for businesses. This can lead to increased costs for consumers and lower profits for employers, which can ultimately result in layoffs or business closures.

Another concern is that unions can create a sense of entitlement among their members, leading to reduced productivity and inefficiencies in the workplace. Unions can also create a culture of resistance to change and innovation, making it more difficult for businesses to adapt to new technologies and market conditions.

Patriots are critical of unions because of their political activities.

Unions often support political candidates and causes that are aligned with their interests, which can lead to a perceived conflict of interest and a lack of neutrality in the political process. This is particularly concerning when unions support candidates or causes that are at odds with patriotic values.

Unions undermine individual rights and freedoms by limiting the ability of workers to negotiate their own employment terms and conditions. This can create a situation where workers are forced to conform to union rules and regulations, even if they do not agree with them.

In conclusion, Kelly Lindsey Nash is a fake patriot, who has caused harm to the community with her hypocrisy, deception, and poor behavior. True patriots strive for unity, honesty, and integrity, and Nash falls far short of these ideals. We must be wary of those who claim to be patriots but act against our values and principles. And as for unions, there are valid concerns and criticisms about their impact on the economy, workplace productivity, political activities, and individual freedoms that Patriots agree on.

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6 thoughts on “Kelly Lindsey Nash (aka Nasty Nash) the Fake Interior Patriot of Alaska”

  1. The Kelly Nash story reads like a tabloid hit piece. I mean really, we are going to talk about someone’s dirty home. I can tell you as a local contractor, most of you all don’t have a leg to stand on. Also , demonizing the Union’s of this town and calling it “anti republican” , many of our union workers are conservative. Pete , just pissed all over them. As far is “off grid or under the table work. I know many conservatives that run business from their own home, as most people can’t pay $20 an hour for “legal child care”.
    Lastly, if Tucker and Fox News can get $800 million for slander, I’m curious what Kelly can get from AR and Pete. Because, there are a few false statements in this hit job. Stay classy “Pete”, as you don’t throw rocks when you live in a glass house.

    1. You are what you eat, and if you eat out of the hand of the union, you’re not a conservative. We are going to talk about their dirty home as it reflects poorly on the sanitary practices of a so called haircare professional. As for a glass house, what do you think this is? It’s karma!

  2. I don’t agree with this women, nor do I completely agree with your article.

    Parts of it make sense, however it feels like reaching. I think all trumplican cult followers are fake patriots.
    A true patriot wouldn’t stand for the undermining of democracy or a narcissistic candidate that aligns with your description of unions “entitled” although I disagree with that description placed on unions.

    There are plenty of examples that are not included in this article that make this women a terrible person. But the ones used in this article feel more like a personal vendetta than a well vetted article. Also as a women and mother myself our bodies do amazing things like bringing new life into this world , they also change over time and that’s ok. Degrading this women off of her looks is just an easy and low act of hate towards women you don’t find attractive. Do better.

    1. Norman Michael Egolf

      Chelsea, the United States is a Republic not a democracy. To advocate for democracy and claim you’re a “Patriot” is hypocritical of you. A Republic and a Democracy are two different forms of Government, with Democracy being just a mild form of socialism/facism and will lead evemtually to communism/totalitarianism.
      And no, I dont support Trump. Trump was good for the economy but he sucked on constotutional rights. Biden isnt any better and he sucks at both. I doubt there will ever be a good Presidential Candidate ever again that will ever bring us as close to being a Constitutional Republic again like Reagan did
      Reagan had flaws and he made some mistakes, but he always put the people first before himself. And he always made his case to the people unlike the administrations since. Was Reagan the end all be all? No. No one will ever hold that status except God. And remember both parties agreed to remove God from government. Think on that. Both sides.
      The sooner we all agree to bring God and true Christian morals and values back into Government, the faster the Country will heal

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