Jared Goecker’s Bid for State Senate – A Conservative Voice for Alaska

In the political landscape of Alaska, a familiar face is stepping forward to represent the conservative values that many Alaskans hold dear. Jared Goecker, a longtime resident of Eagle River, has filed to run for State Senate, aiming to fill the seat currently occupied by Sen. Kelly Merrick. Goecker’s Republican affiliation aligns him with the values that have long been cherished by conservatives, and his candidacy brings hope for a strong conservative voice in the Democrat-dominated Senate majority caucus.

Goecker’s background is diverse and filled with experiences that have shaped his conservative outlook. Born to an Air Force family in Montana, he has lived all over the world but has called Eagle River home for the majority of his life. This connection to the community gives him a deep understanding of the issues that matter most to Alaskans.

Goecker’s political journey began during his college years when he interned in the nation’s capital. He then went on to become the regional field director for Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, who later became Vice President under President Donald Trump. This experience provided Goecker with valuable insights into the workings of government and the importance of conservative values in shaping policies that benefit the people.

His work with Weidner Apartment Homes and his involvement in Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s campaign further solidified his commitment to conservative principles. Goecker’s role as the deputy director of Labor Relations, where he led negotiations with powerful labor unions, showcases his ability to navigate complex situations while advocating for fiscally responsible policies.

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Conservative Values and Commitment to Alaska: Goecker’s pro-family and pro-life stance reflects his dedication to upholding traditional values that have long been cherished by conservatives. As a father and husband, he understands the importance of honoring commitments and safeguarding the well-being of loved ones. Tragically, his family experienced the devastating loss of his brother through murder. This personal tragedy has motivated Goecker to bring about tangible changes in Alaska’s criminal justice system, ensuring that other Alaskans are spared the anguish his family has endured.

Goecker’s involvement in the local community council, the District 23 Republicans, and his volunteer work demonstrate his commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of his fellow Alaskans. Whether it’s cleaning up Eagle River trails or serving meals at the Downtown Hope Soup Kitchen, Goecker actively contributes to the betterment of his community.

Alaska needs a strong conservative voice in the State Senate, especially in a majority caucus dominated by Democrats. Goecker’s candidacy presents an opportunity to advocate for policies that prioritize limited government, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberties. With his background in negotiating with powerful labor unions, Goecker is well-equipped to champion economic growth and job creation.

Goecker’s bid for State Senate holds significant implications for Alaskans. A conservative representative in the Senate will ensure that the values and interests of the people are taken into account when crafting legislation. Moreover, Goecker’s focus on criminal justice reform can lead to a safer Alaska, protecting families and communities from the devastating impact of crime.

As Alaskans, it is essential that we stay informed and engaged in the political process. By following Jared Goecker’s campaign and becoming familiar with his policies, we can make an informed decision when it comes time to vote. Visit his website, linked below, to learn more about his platform and how he plans to make a difference in Alaska.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. - Proverbs 29:2 

Key Takeaway: Jared Goecker’s bid for State Senate brings hope for a conservative voice in the Democrat-dominated Senate majority caucus. His diverse background, commitment to conservative values, and focus on criminal justice reform make him a candidate worth considering. As the campaign unfolds, it is crucial to stay informed and engaged, ensuring that our voices are heard when it comes time to cast our votes.

Website: JaredForAlaska.com



Q: How can I stay informed about Jared Goecker’s campaign?
A: Visit Jared Goecker’s website for the latest updates on his campaign and to learn more about his platform.

Q: What are Jared Goecker’s key policy priorities?
A: Jared Goecker is focused on criminal justice reform, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and advocating for conservative values.

Q: Why is a conservative voice important in the Democrat-dominated Senate majority caucus?
A: A conservative voice in the Senate ensures that the values and interests of conservative Alaskans are represented and taken into account when crafting legislation.

Q: How can I get involved in supporting Jared Goecker’s campaign?
A: Consider volunteering for his campaign, attending campaign events, and spreading the word about his candidacy among your network.

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