January 28th: Anchorage March for Life: Advancing the Pro-Life Movement in Alaska

It’s time to take a stand, Alaska! Pro-life advocates in Anchorage are gearing up for a powerful demonstration – the Anchorage March for Life. This event aims to advance the pro-life movement across the city and throughout the state of Alaska. Let’s delve into the significance of this march and understand why it’s crucial for the future of the pro-life cause.

Alaska: A Pro-Abortion State?

Despite the landmark Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, which overturned the legality of abortion, Alaska has remained one of the most pro-abortion states in the union. State-funded abortions and minimal restrictions on when abortions can be performed have contributed to a culture that devalues the sanctity of life. The Anchorage March for Life seeks to challenge this status quo and bring attention to the importance of protecting unborn children.

Marching for Life

On January 28th, at 1 p.m., the march will commence at the corner of Lake Otis and 40th Avenue, right outside the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Anchorage. Participants will embark on a peaceful 3.5-mile walk to the Anchorage Cemetery’s Memorial for Unborn Children, located inside the pedestrian gate at Cordova Street and 8th Avenue. The estimated arrival time is 3 p.m., where the marchers will be joined by those who prefer not to walk. This memorial serves as a poignant reminder of the more than 60 million innocent lives lost since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.

At the Memorial for Unborn Children, the marchers will gather to remember the countless unborn lives lost to abortion. Through powerful speeches, moving music, and heartfelt prayers, participants will be educated and inspired to take action against abortion. It’s not enough to simply be aware of the issue – we must actively work towards ending the practice of abortion and promoting a culture of life.

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The Anchorage March for Life holds significant implications for all Alaskans. It highlights the urgency of protecting the unborn and challenges the prevailing pro-abortion narrative in our state. By participating in this event, you have an opportunity to make your voice heard and show your support for the pro-life movement. Together, we can work towards a future where every life is valued and protected.


Q: Can I join the march if I don’t want to walk?
A: Absolutely! If you are unable or prefer not to walk, you can meet the marchers at the Anchorage Cemetery’s Memorial for Unborn Children. Your presence and support are crucial in advancing the pro-life cause.

Q: How can I support the pro-life movement if I cannot attend the march?
A: There are various ways to support the pro-life movement even if you cannot physically attend the march. Consider donating to local pro-life organizations, volunteering your time, or engaging in peaceful advocacy through social media and writing to your elected representatives. Every effort counts!

The Anchorage March for Life is a crucial event for the pro-life movement in Alaska. It provides an opportunity for individuals to come together, raise awareness, and take a stand against the tragic loss of innocent lives through abortion. Let us be inspired by the words of Psalm 139:13-14, which reminds us of the intrinsic value of every unborn child: “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Stay tuned for updates on this important march. Together, we can make a difference and create a culture that respects and protects the sanctity of life.

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