Governor Dunleavy Introduces Legislation, SB198 & SB199, to Help Increase Land Available to Alaskans

In a move to reduce regulatory red tape and bureaucracy, Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy has introduced two lands bills aimed at increasing opportunities for Alaskans to acquire state land. The first bill, SB198, focuses on making it easier for Alaskans to obtain state land for recreational purposes, while the second bill, SB199, aims to improve the efficiency of state land disposals.

Remote Recreational Sites: SB198 seeks to simplify the process for Alaskans to acquire state land as recreational sites. Currently, most state land is sold or leased to the highest bidder, making it difficult for many Alaskans to obtain land ownership. This legislation would exempt remote recreational sites from the requirement of a formal, written best interest finding, allowing more flexibility for Alaskans to acquire land through permits, leases, or purchases.

Furthermore, this proposed legislation would also allow members of the public to nominate land for remote recreational sites on state land that is currently not in use. By reducing regulatory and bureaucratic hurdles, Governor Dunleavy aims to put more state land into the hands of Alaskans, aligning with his priority to promote land ownership and reduce barriers to access.

State Land Surface Disposals: SB199 provides additional avenues for Alaskans to acquire or lease state lands. This bill enables the Department of Education and Early Development and the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities to directly dispose of surface land, bypassing the need to transfer the land to the Department of Natural Resources for land conveyance.

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The bill also increases the cap on the Land Disposal Income Fund, adds a new statute related to leases and sale of state land for commercial development, and incorporates amendments to ease covenant restrictions on land conveyed for agricultural purposes. Additionally, the bill updates and improves provisions relating to the Department of Natural Resources’ land disposal procedures, streamlining the overall process.

What does this mean for you?

These two lands bills have significant implications for Alaskans, particularly those who aspire to own a piece of the Last Frontier. By simplifying the process and reducing regulatory hurdles, Governor Dunleavy aims to make it easier for Alaskans to access and own state land. Increased land ownership can provide opportunities for recreational activities, economic development, and overall growth for individuals and communities.

Furthermore, the legislation encourages public involvement by allowing nominations for remote recreational sites on unused state land. This creates a sense of community engagement and empowerment, giving Alaskans a voice in determining the future use of state-owned land.

What can you do about it?

If you are an Alaskan interested in owning state land for recreational purposes or other uses, keep an eye on the progress of these bills. Stay informed about any updates or amendments that may arise during the legislative process. Reach out to your local representatives to express your support for these measures and to ensure that your voice is heard.

The introduction of these two lands bills by Governor Dunleavy reflects his commitment to reducing regulatory red tape and bureaucracy, ultimately making it simpler for Alaskans to own a piece of the Last Frontier. By increasing opportunities for land acquisition and streamlining the process, the Governor aims to empower Alaskans and promote economic growth and development. Let us remember the words of Proverbs 13:11, “Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it.” Keep an eye on these developments and check back for updates as these bills progress through the legislative process.


Key Takeaway: Governor Dunleavy’s introduction of two lands bills aims to make it easier for Alaskans to acquire state land and reduce regulatory hurdles. The proposed legislation focuses on increasing opportunities for recreational land ownership and improving the efficiency of state land disposals. Alaskans should stay informed and engaged in the process to ensure their voices are heard.

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