The Lasting Impact of Controversial Former House Candidate Kelly Lindsey on Fairbanks Community

The political arena is an ever-evolving and dynamic space where individuals come and go, but their influence can linger long after they’ve left the spotlight. One such person is Kelly Lindsey, whose time in the public eye has been marked by contentious actions and ideologies that have left an irreversible mark on the collective consciousness of the community and the MAGA movement in Alaska.

Kelly Lindsey Nash, once an ambitious House candidate, had entered the race with high hopes and a strong conviction to bring about change. However, her campaign was fraught with controversy from the start. Her views, which some considered extreme and polarizing, sparked heated debates and attracted a mixture of support and vehement opposition.

Despite her efforts, Kelly Nash’s bid for office was ultimately unsuccessful, but her presence in the political sphere continued to resonate. The impact of her candidacy was felt in a myriad of ways. Kelly Lindsey Nash had a unique ability to galvanize a segment of the population that felt underrepresented and overlooked. Her rhetoric, while divisive to many, spoke to the frustrations and aspirations of a certain demographic, giving them a voice and a sense of empowerment.

In the political sphere, candidates can significantly influence their communities, regardless of electoral success. Kelly Lindsey Nash exemplifies this with her contentious actions and opinions sparking widespread scrutiny. We will explore her history, campaign efforts, and the Facebook thread that may have best captured her character.

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In August 2021, a Facebook thread erupted into a heated discussion about Kelly Lindsey Nash. The initial post, by Rogan Laakso, declared that it was a “great day not to have Kelly Lindsey Nash on your friends list.” This comment ignited a flurry of responses from other users, revealing their personal experiences and interactions with Nash.

Kelly Lindsey Nash Bullied & Harassed Children

Several individuals shared stories of how Nash had bullied their children or harassed others for many years. Nicole Rae McKee and Carolyn Shepard were among those who spoke out about Nash’s alleged mistreatment of kids at school. Anna Maria K. Salinas expressed her astonishment at Nash’s behavior, wondering why any “grown-up” would act in such a manner, leading to a discussion on bullying.

Rogan Laakso and others branded Nash as a “sociopath” and urged others to remove her from their lives. They criticized her for her alleged far-right views, including being transphobic, and homophobic. Amidst the discussions, it became apparent that Kelly Lindsey Nash’s reputation extended beyond her political aspirations. Many users shared stories of Nash’s alleged unprofessionalism, including frequent no-shows for client appointments during her time as a hairstylist, which seemingly impacted her business.

Others called for caution while voting in the then upcoming election on October 5th, referencing Nash’s views and actions as reasons to think twice before supporting her politically.

The Facebook thread demonstrated the divisive nature of Kelly Lindsey Nash’s persona, with some individuals expressing support for her while others vehemently opposed her. Several people recounted negative experiences with Nash, accusing her of spreading hatred and disrespecting others in the community.

It is essential to note that the information shared on social media platforms may not always be entirely accurate, and personal biases can play a role in shaping the narrative. However, this Facebook thread provided many valuable insight into the public’s perception of Kelly Lindsey Nash and how her behavior has impacted those around her. It’s no wonder the Uniparty chose her as their political pawn, even entertaining her delusions of grandeur for pollical office, when in reality she’s an Internet Facebook group janitor controlling the speech and narrative of the Alaskan political populace.

Kelly Lindsey Nash has recently started targeting children again. This time the children of a journalist whose had to defend himself in court against false allegation (lawfare) made by fake conservatives Kevin and Lin McCabe, the McCouple.


Here are screenshots of Kelly Nash and an anonymous self-proclaimed patriot targeting journalist Mark Kelsey’s children who may now face the same harassment Kelly Nash has previously exhibited above. When will this end? Should our children be threatened for their parents’ work? It’s appalling that we tolerate individuals who attack children in our political community. These people are a clear examples of controlled opposition.

Luckily, Alaska.Report has heard rumors’ that Kelly Lindsey Nash is packing up and leaving Alaska. Her departure marks the end of an era, but not the end of her legacy. Born and raised in the lower-48, it appears that she is now returning to her roots, possibly in search of new beginnings or to escape the scrutiny that has followed her in Alaska.

Just another wildly unpopular extremist former candidate looking to blame everyone but herself for her inability to attract voters. …  It’s hard to get too worked up by anonymous cowards. Their inability to stand by their extremist opinions says all that needs to be said about their integrity and decency.

Mark Kelsey

Speculation abounds as to the reasons behind Kelly’s decision to leave. Some say it’s a strategic retreat, a chance to regroup and possibly plan a future return to the political stage. Others believe it may be a self-imposed exile, a response to the mounting criticism and backlash she faced for being a Uniparty dunce.

Kelly Lindsey Nash’s journey in the political arena might have been short-lived, but her actions and interactions with others have left a lasting impression on the Fairbanks, Alaska community. Regardless of the political outcome, her legacy serves as a cautionary tale about the significance of character and behavior in public life.

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