David Eastman Stands Alone: The Lone Warrior Defending Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend!

Dear Alaskans, it was called Permanent for a reason…

David Eastman, a representative in the Alaska House, is a principled advocate for fiscal responsibility, individual liberties, and traditional values. In a political landscape increasingly dominated by partisan bickering and special interests, Eastman stands out as a politician who prioritizes his constituents’ needs and the state’s long-term prosperity. His commitment to the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) and his resistance to wasteful government spending make him a critical figure in Alaska’s legislative battles.

Jennifer Eastman: “Keep your eyes peeled for this Rebel spy…” with David Eastman on January 31, 2014

Eastman’s unwavering support for the PFD is perhaps his most defining feature. He voted against the proposed cuts to the PFD, standing alone in his conviction that Alaskans deserve their full share. This year’s proposed dividend was $3,536, but due to legislative actions, it was slashed to $1,655. Eastman was the lone voice of opposition in a 39 to 1 vote. (Eastman’s POV: SABATON – 40:1)

The PFD is more than just a financial payout; it’s a symbol of Alaska’s unique approach to sharing its natural resource wealth with its residents. Eastman understands this and has consistently fought against efforts to use the PFD as a political football. His opposition to cutting the dividend and redirecting funds to pet projects underscores his commitment to fiscal responsibility and fair governance.

Legislative Integrity Under Siege: Is Alaska Really Sovereign?

Eastman’s battle doesn’t stop with the PFD. He has been a vocal critic of the illegal legislative pay raise, which saw legislators’ salaries increase by 67%. In a state grappling with economic challenges, Eastman stood firm against what is as an unjustifiable increase, highlighting the disconnect between Juneau and the average Alaskan.

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Moreover, Eastman’s relentless fight against corruption and misuse of power is evident in his opposition to the unconstitutional extension of the legislative session and the controversial passing of bills like Senate Bill 189, which bundled unrelated issues together. His adherence to constitutional principles and transparency in governance is a breath of fresh air in a political environment often clouded by backroom deals and special interests.

Representative David Eastman’s unwavering commitment to his principles in the Alaska legislature has, unfortunately, led to retribution. Pam Goode, a dedicated legislative aide, was abruptly terminated with calculated maneuvers by the Uniparty, specifically employing the Turncoat Jamie Allard.

Goode’s departure, after over two years of loyal service, placed Representative Eastman in a challenging predicament this last session, and yet he still came out on top! This is just a glimpse into the cutthroat nature of politics in Juneau, where ethical standards are frequently sacrificed for power and conservative values are undermined or non-existent.

Pam Goode

Pam doesn’t back down, and that’s Goode for Alaska. When she stood against Common Core in the Delta/Greely School District in 2013, she didn’t just voice her concerns—she dove deep into the legislative budgeting issues, learning how government overspending threatened Alaska’s fiscal sustainability and the well-being of its families. In 2014, she warned that continued overspending would inevitably lead to PFD cuts and the implementation of an income tax. Today, Pam is running for House in District 36 with a clear and consistent message: cut the scope and size of government and return the full PFD to Alaskans.

Pam’s commitment to fiscal responsibility is matched by her understanding of economic principles. She often references a study from the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) at UAA, which states that money left in the private sector has a 1.4 multiplier effect on the economy. Pam highlights that PFD cuts over the past three years have siphoned over $3 billion from Alaska’s economy, exacerbating economic woes. Pam believes in smaller government, where power is returned to the people, and resources are managed responsibly. Her campaign is fueled by her passion for preserving Alaska’s freedoms and ensuring a prosperous future for all Alaskans.

Rep. Eastman Is Defending Individual Liberties…

“The simple act of an ordinary brave man is not to participate in lies, not to support false actions! His rule: Let that come into the world, let it even reign supreme—only not through me.”

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Eastman’s dedication to individual liberties is evident in his efforts to protect parental rights and maintain separate sports teams for male and female athletes. His veto of an executive order to eliminate the Board of Midwives and his co-sponsorship of HB183 reflect his commitment to preserving choice and fairness in Alaska’s education and healthcare systems.

One of Eastman’s notable achievements is his successful campaign against the governor’s executive order to dissolve the Board of Midwives. This board plays a crucial role in ensuring that expecting mothers have access to high-quality midwifery services, providing an essential alternative to traditional hospital births. By vetoing this order, Eastman protected the rights of parents to choose the best birthing options for their families, safeguarding a fundamental aspect of healthcare freedom.


Furthermore, Eastman’s co-sponsorship of HB183, which aims to protect the integrity of male and female sports teams in schools, underscores his dedication to fairness and equality in education. This legislation ensures that female athletes can compete on a level playing field, preserving opportunities for young women to excel in sports without the concern of facing unfair competition. By advocating for these measures, Eastman not only upholds traditional values but also champions the principles of equity and justice for all students.

These actions highlight Eastman’s broader commitment to defending individual liberties against overreach and ensuring that Alaskans retain the ability to make personal choices free from excessive government interference. His work in these areas demonstrates a deep understanding of the importance of protecting the rights and freedoms that form the bedrock of a healthy and just society. Through his persistent efforts, Eastman continues to fight for the preservation of choice, fairness, and the fundamental liberties of all Alaskans.

Eastman Champions Citizen Oversight Grand Juries!

Repeals Supreme Court Order No. 1993 to Restore Grand Jury Power

Eastman’s work to repeal Supreme Court Order No. 1993 and restore the role of citizen grand juries as a check against government corruption is crucial. Supreme Court Order No. 1993 attempted to curtail the constitutional power of citizen grand juries, which have historically served as a vital check on governmental abuses and misconduct.

By filing House Bill 384, Eastman aims to overturn this order, ensuring that the original role of citizen grand juries is preserved. This move is essential for maintaining transparency and accountability within the government. It empowers ordinary Alaskans to directly participate in the oversight of their elected officials and public servants, thereby reinforcing the foundational principles of democracy.

This legislation also provides a necessary balance of power, preventing any single branch of government from becoming too dominant and encouraging greater public trust in the judicial process. Eastman’s commitment to this cause underscores his dedication to protecting individual liberties and fighting corruption, solidifying his position as a staunch advocate for the people’s rights.

Ben Carpenter Isn’t the People’s Hero, David Eastman Stands with Grand Jurors’

Dear David Heag, we’ve pinpointed that Ben Carpenter, habitually heralded by you as a guardian of Grand Jurors’, abstained from presenting or championing House Bill 384. Quite perplexing, given his clout in that political sphere. Any chance you can elucidate on this topic? There’s a chance that Bob Bird’s “top scholar” is actually a covert member of the Uniparty. I trust he’ll hold back on delivering more aggressive emails to journalists for illustrating articles that glorify him as a hero. We definitely won’t fall for that again!

What Was Your Rep Doing When Eastman Was Upholding The Constitution?

In March, legislators finally acknowledged the necessity of voting on the governor’s veto of education funding as mandated by the Constitution. The disregard for this requirement was the reason the PFD was first reduced in 2016. This battle was long and arduous, but Rep. Eastman ultimately succeeded. Each year, Eastman would advocate for legislators to adjourn within the 90-day period stipulated by state law. This year, the vote was 6-34 to ignore that law.

In April, lawmakers exceeded the 90-day limit, and in May they surpassed the 120-day constitutional limit as well. Currently, the legislature is facing legal action over several laws it ClaImeD to HaVE “pasSED” ON DaY 121.

Legislators also violated the constitution by passing bills such as House Bill 254, which aimed to restrict the Internet use of most Alaskans in an attempt to prevent teens from accessing social media. Thankfully, we were able to defeat this bill in the senate. Additionally, legislators overstepped this year by combining six separate bills into Senate Bill 189, including one on the Marijuana Control Board and another concerning childcare. The Constitution restricts all bills to a single subject. When Eastman publicly questioned the relevance of marijuana to childcare, the public never received a response.

Are Nick Begich and Kelly Tshibaka Uniparty Turncoats?

It seems Eastman’s resistance is not solely from the Democratic Party but also from fellow “Republicans”. The endorsement of his rival by notable Alaskan political figures, Nick Begich and Kelly Tshibaka, emphasizes the extent to which the political establishment is willing to go in order to remove a genuinely independent lawmaker. This emphasizes the significance of support from the grassroots level and the necessity for constituents to stay alert and well-informed.

What’s The Price of Integrity? $250,000 in legal expenses

Eastman’s dedication to serving his constituents has come at a personal cost. He has faced continuous legal attacks, ethics investigations, and significant legal expenses. Despite these challenges, Eastman remains committed to his role, refusing to bow to special interests or political pressure. His resilience is a testament to his integrity and dedication to the people of Alaska.

Eastman’s Protecting Homeschool Students

Eastman has been a strong advocate for homeschooling families, defending them against judicial overreach. He has requested an impeachment inquiry concerning Judge Adolph Zeman, who attempted to veto correspondence school legislation, affecting over 23,000 homeschooling families in Alaska. Eastman’s actions reflect his commitment to protecting educational freedom and parental rights.

The Eastman Family: A Testament to Values and Dedication

“But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” — Joshua 24:15

The Eastman family embodies the principles of hard work, dedication, and resilience. Despite the political turbulence surrounding David Eastman’s career, his family remains a central pillar of support and inspiration. Their story is one of perseverance, love, and unwavering commitment to their community and each other.

The Joy of Parenthood: A Strong Partnership Welcoming New Life

David and his wife, Jennifer, celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary this past year. Their marriage is a testament to their mutual support and shared values. Jennifer’s unwavering support for David, especially during the political storms he has weathered, showcases her strength and dedication. She stands by him as a partner, confidant, and advisor, ensuring that he can focus on his legislative duties while maintaining a strong family foundation.

This year, the Eastman family welcomed their youngest son, Nathan, who arrived a day earlier than expected. Nathan’s arrival brought immense joy and excitement to the family. Jennifer and Nathan are both doing terrific, and their bond is a beautiful addition to the Eastman household.

David and Jennifer are proud parents to five children, ranging from newborn Nathan to their eldest at nine years old. Their children are a constant source of joy and motivation. The Eastman household is bustling with energy and laughter, and David’s commitment to his family is evident in every aspect of his life. Despite his demanding career, David ensures he is present for his children’s milestones, supporting them in their endeavors and instilling in them the values of hard work, integrity, and service.

Kitten-Catten: A Furry Addition

The Eastman children recently celebrated the arrival of a kitten, whom they initially named Autumn. Upon discovering that Autumn was a boy, they affectionately renamed him Kitten-Catten, or Kit-Cat for short. Kit-Cat has become an integral part of the family, bringing joy and a playful spirit to the household. The story of Kit-Cat reflects the Eastman family’s ability to adapt, find humor, and create cherished memories together.

Eastman Family: Overcoming Challenges with Faith and Resilience

The Eastman family’s journey has not been without its challenges. David’s political career has subjected them to scrutiny, legal battles, and financial strain. Despite these hurdles, the Eastmans have remained resilient, finding strength in their faith, love for each other, and commitment to their values. David’s ongoing legal battles, ethics investigations, and the resulting financial burdens have tested their resolve, but the family’s unity and determination have seen them through these trying times.

Faith plays a central role in the Eastman family’s life. Their belief in the power of prayer, divine guidance, and the strength of community has been a cornerstone of their resilience. They draw inspiration from Bible verses, finding comfort and motivation in the words of scripture. This spiritual foundation helps them navigate the complexities of political life while maintaining their moral compass.

Behind the dedicated legislator is a devoted husband and father who cherishes his family above all else.

The Eastman family represents the best of what it means to balance public service with personal commitments. Their story is one of love, resilience, and unwavering dedication to each other and their community. David Eastman’s legislative work is driven by his commitment to these values, and his family provides the strength and support that enables him to fight for the principles he holds dear.


Q: Why is the PFD important?

The PFD represents Alaskans’ share of the state’s oil revenues. It’s a unique system that ensures residents benefit directly from the state’s natural resources.

Q: What is David Eastman’s stance on government spending?

Eastman advocates for fiscal responsibility and opposes wasteful government spending. He believes in reducing unnecessary expenditures and ensuring taxpayer money is used efficiently.

Q: How has Eastman fought against corruption?

Eastman has consistently opposed unconstitutional legislative practices, fought for transparency, and worked to restore the role of citizen grand juries in holding the government accountable.

Q: What challenges has Eastman faced in his political career?

Eastman has faced continuous legal attacks, ethics investigations, and significant legal expenses. Despite these challenges, he remains committed to his constituents and refuses to bow to special interests.

The Eastman family’s journey reminds us of the importance of strong family values, faith, and community engagement. Their resilience in the face of adversity is a testament to the power of love and dedication. Stay engaged, stay informed, and let’s continue to support leaders who prioritize the values that strengthen our families and communities.

How This Affects You

David Eastman’s efforts directly impact Alaskans’ financial well-being and the integrity of the state’s governance. His stance on the PFD ensures that residents receive their fair share, and his fight against corruption and wasteful spending protects taxpayers’ interests. Supporting leaders like Eastman who prioritize the needs of their constituents over special interests is crucial for a prosperous and fair Alaska.

David Eastman Is A Pillar of Conservative Integrity in Alaska!

David Eastman embodies the principles of fiscal responsibility, individual liberty, and transparent governance. His work in the Alaska House is a testament to the power of principled leadership in the face of widespread political corruption and special interests. As we navigate these challenging times, it is imperative to support leaders who stand firm in their convictions and work tirelessly for the betterment of their constituents.

“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” — 2 Timothy 1:7

Stay engaged, stay informed, and let’s work together to ensure that leaders like David Eastman can continue to fight for the values that make Alaska strong.

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