Anchorage Municipal Elections: A Battle for Representation

As the filing period for the Anchorage municipal elections closed, the political landscape in the city is shaping up to be a fierce battleground for representation. In a surprising turn of events, every school board incumbent who is running for reelection now faces a competitor. Additionally, another mayoral candidate has thrown their hat into the ring. With so many candidates vying for positions, the upcoming elections are sure to be full of excitement and political maneuvering.

Mayoral Contenders: A Diverse Field

The mayoral race in Anchorage is already heating up with a diverse field of candidates. From seasoned politicians to newcomers, each contender brings their own vision for the city. Incumbent Mayor Dave Bronson, who filed for reelection, will face tough competition from the likes of Bill Popp, Chris Tuck, Darin Colbry, Breck Craig, Dustin Thomas House Darden, Nick Danger, Jenny Di Grappa, Suzanne LaFrance, and Phil Isley. With such a wide range of candidates, Anchorage voters will have plenty of options to consider.

Anchorage Assembly and School Board Races: Local Representation Matters

In addition to the mayoral race, the Anchorage Assembly and School Board races are critical for ensuring local representation. Mark Littlefield has emerged as the sole candidate for the Chugiak-Eagle River Assembly seat, while the school board incumbents face strong challengers. Pat Higgins, Kay Schuster, Dora Wilson, and Carl Jacobs will not have an easy path to reelection, as they are up against formidable opponents such as Angela Frank, Chelsea Pohland, and Carl Jacobs. These races will determine the direction of the education system in Anchorage and the policies that will shape the lives of students and families.

Service Area Board of Supervisors: Community Engagement at the Grassroots Level

The Service Area Board of Supervisors races may not receive as much attention as the mayoral and assembly races, but they are equally important for community engagement. Candidates like William Ennis, Luke Sherman, Jennifer Wingard, Brian Burnett, Joseph Connolly, Kristy Hoffman, Heather Percy, David Lipps, Eric Johnson, Jack Walker, Anthony Winsor, Patrice Higgins, Pamela Giammalva, Jim Cottrell, Drew Loeffler, Diane Sallee, and many others are vying for positions that will directly impact the services and infrastructure of various areas in Anchorage. These races highlight the importance of grassroots involvement and the power of local decision-making.

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Your Voice Matters: The upcoming municipal elections in Anchorage offer voters a chance to shape the future of their city. From education to infrastructure, the decisions made by elected officials will have a direct impact on the lives of residents. It is crucial for Anchorage voters to educate themselves about the candidates, their platforms, and their track records to make an informed choice.


Q: When will the ballots be mailed out?
A: Ballots will be mailed out around March 13.

Q: When is the deadline to return the ballots?
A: Ballots must be postmarked or returned to a drop box by April 2.

Q: What if a candidate wants to withdraw from the ballot?
A: Candidates must file their intent to withdraw by Tuesday, January 30.

Q: How can I stay updated on the election developments?
A: Keep an eye on local news outlets and the official Anchorage municipal elections website for updates.

Get Involved, Make a Difference

The Anchorage municipal elections present an opportunity for residents to get involved in the democratic process and make a difference. Your vote matters, and it is essential to research the candidates and their positions to determine who will best represent your interests. Stay informed, engage with the candidates, and exercise your right to vote. Together, we can shape the future of Anchorage.


As Anchorage prepares for its municipal elections, the city is buzzing with anticipation. The outcome of these races will shape the trajectory of education, governance, and community development. Anchorage voters have a responsibility to participate actively and make informed choices. Remember, in the words of Proverbs 29:2, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Let us rejoice by making wise decisions and electing leaders who will serve our city with integrity and dedication.

Key Takeaway: Anchorage municipal elections are underway, with a diverse field of candidates competing for positions such as mayor, assembly members, school board representatives, and service area board of supervisors. These elections will determine the future direction of the city and require active participation from Anchorage voters. Stay informed, engage with the candidates, and make your voice heard on election day.

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