Alaska! LIFE OR DEATH? House Finance Committee Reform

A Moment of Moral Reckoning in Alaska

In the ever-evolving political landscape of Alaska, a pivotal opportunity has arisen, one that could redefine the state’s approach to the sanctity of human life. The recent resignation of Representative Josiah Patkotak from the Alaska Legislature is not merely a routine political shift; it marks a critical juncture, a chance to steer Alaska towards a future that fervently upholds the values of life. This change coincides with the Sanctity of Human Life Week, presenting a symbolic and substantial chance for legislative shifts that honor the sanctity of life. It is a clarion call to every Alaskan who values life and a challenge to our leaders to act decisively.

Alaska Right to Life’s Stand and Speaker Tilton’s Duty

Alaska Right to Life, a group dedicated to the pro-life cause, has taken a bold step by recommending Representative David Eastman for the Committee on Committees (CCM). Recognizing his unwavering commitment to pro-life principles, this recommendation underscores the need for a voice that passionately advocates for the unborn. The appointment of Representative Eastman to the CCM would serve as a crucial counterbalance to the current composition, which is heavily influenced by abortion advocacy.

A Skewed Scale in the House Finance Committee:

The composition of the House Finance Committee has been a point of contention, primarily due to its disproportionate favor towards abortion advocacy. This imbalance poses a significant concern for many Alaskans who seek a more balanced approach that truly represents the state’s diverse viewpoints. The committee’s role is vital, overseeing approximately 70% of all legislation, including the state budget. The urgent need for a recalibration of this committee is evident, especially in a post-Roe era where the constitutional narrative around abortion has shifted dramatically.

The Weight of Committee Assignments

The decisions and actions of Speaker Cathy Tilton in committee assignments carry immense weight. These decisions can directly impact the lives of countless unborn babies. It’s a sobering reality that the House Finance Committee’s stance on abortion funding is particularly consequential, as it directly affects how state budgets address the sanctity of human life.

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Let us Restructure for Life, Love & Liberty!

In this critical time, Alaska Right to Life urges Speaker Tilton to demonstrate the courage and resolve that the situation demands. The call is clear and urgent: to restructure the House Finance Committee in a manner that aligns with pro-life values. This is not a mere administrative shuffle; it’s a moral imperative, echoing through every part of Alaska.

What’s the Impact of a Pro-Life Budget?

A state budget that loudly proclaims the sanctity of human life is not just a financial document; it’s a moral statement. It would serve as a beacon of Alaska’s shared commitment to life, reflecting a society that values and protects its most vulnerable. By ensuring that not a single cent of public money is used to fund abortion, Alaska can set a precedent for the nation, showcasing the power of principled governance.

The Moral Duty of Leadership: Speaker Tilton’s decisions in the coming days will not only define her legacy but will also shape the moral fabric of Alaska. As she contemplates her course of action, it’s crucial to remember that leadership is not just about making popular decisions; it’s about making the right decisions. It’s about standing firm on principles, especially when it comes to matters of life and death.

The Role of the People: Signing the Petition

This is where the power of the people comes into play. Alaskans are encouraged to voice their support for a pro-life budget and urge Speaker Tilton to take decisive action by signing a petition. This petition is not just a piece of paper; it’s a powerful tool that can sway the course of legislative action. Each signature represents an Alaskan who stands for life, who believes in the sanctity of the unborn, and who trusts in the power of democratic action.

Empowering Voices: How to Sign the Petition

Signing the petition is a simple yet impactful act. Alaskans can sign online on Alaska Right to Life’s website. The process is straightforward, but the impact is profound. Each signature sends a clear message to our leaders: the people of Alaska demand a budget that upholds the sanctity of human life.

The Power of Collective Action: When Alaskans come together for a cause, the impact is undeniable. The petition is more than just a collection of signatures; it’s a testament to the collective strength and resolve of the people. It’s a demonstration of democracy in action, where the voices of many coalesce into a powerful force for change.

Overcoming Challenges: The Senate and Beyond

The journey ahead is not without its challenges. The Senate, currently controlled by a pro-abortion bipartisan caucus, and the potential hurdles in the joint Conference Committee, are significant obstacles. However, these challenges are just hurdles in the race for righteousness. With a united front and a clear vision, Alaskans can overcome these obstacles and pave the way for a pro-life future.


As we navigate this crucial moment, we draw inspiration from historical figures like John Quincy Adams, who stood alone in Congress for years, advocating for the abolition of slavery. Despite being labeled ineffective and facing constant criticism, Adams remained steadfast in his mission, believing that while the duty to act was his, the results belonged to God.

The Call for Unity in Action

This is not a time for silence or passivity. Alaska Right to Life encourages Speaker Tilton to rise to this occasion with the courage and resolve it demands. Will you, as a fellow Alaskan, rise with her? Send Speaker Tilton your encouragement by signing the petition, and let your voice be heard in the halls of the legislature.

As Alaskans, we share in the duty to act, knowing that God is sovereign in the outcome. Our actions today will resonate through the generations, defining what Alaska stands for. By reorganizing the House Finance Committee to reflect pro-life values, we can ensure that our state budget becomes a testament to the sanctity of human life.

This A Moral Imperative for Alaska: Please sign the petition, support a pro-life budget, and encourage Speaker Tilton to take decisive action. This is more than a political issue; it’s a moral imperative that reflects the values and principles of Alaskans. Let’s stand together for life, for truth, and for the future of our great state. The time to act is now. Sign the petition, support the pro-life budget, and urge Speaker Tilton to restructure the House Finance Committee. Your voice matters in shaping Alaska’s future – a future that values and protects every human life.

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