January 18th: Mat-Su Borough Library Board Reevaluates Controversial Books for Youth Involving Incest and Masochistic Themes

In our increasingly progressive society, it seems that boundaries are being pushed more and more when it comes to what is deemed appropriate for young readers. The Mat-Su Borough Library Board is now faced with a challenging decision – whether to remove or restrict two highly explicit books that are targeted to minors and currently in circulation in the library system. This decision will be discussed at an upcoming meeting of the Challenged Materials Review Committee on January 18th.

The books in question are “Red Hood” and “Identical”, both of which have sparked controversy due to their explicit content. “Red Hood” has come under fire for its violent content and graphic descriptions of detailed sex acts between teenagers. It has not only been challenged in the borough libraries, but also in Mat-Su schools, leading to heated public meetings. The book’s placement in the youth section of the Wasilla Public Library has raised concerns among parents and community members.

“Identical” features multiple sex scenes, including incestuous relationships and masochistic sex. The book explores themes of sexual abuse, drug use, and self-harm. Common Sense Media, a non-partisan organization that reviews media content for children and families, warns that the book contains “mature subjects, including incest.” These explicit themes have raised serious questions about the appropriateness of these books for young readers.

It’s important to note that the challenge to these books came from a Mat-Su library user, highlighting the role that community members can play in shaping the content available in their local libraries. According to the library’s policy, patrons who wish to challenge a book can submit a written request for reconsideration, which initiates a process involving the librarian responsible for the book and a Challenged Materials Review Committee. This committee evaluates the material and allows both the patron and librarian to make oral presentations before making a final decision.

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The upcoming Challenged Materials Review Committee meeting will provide an opportunity for concerned community members to voice their opinions on these explicit youth books. The meeting is open to the public and will be held on January 18th at 10 a.m. in the Mat-Su Borough Assembly Chambers. For those unable to attend in person, the meeting will also be accessible via Zoom using meeting ID: 21770944433 and passcode: H5LGB8.

If you have strong feelings about the presence of these explicit books in the library system and want your voice to be heard, I encourage you to attend the meeting or reach out to the individuals involved in the decision-making process. You can contact the Mat-Su Borough’s Recreational and Library Services Manager, Hugh Leslie, by calling (907) 861-7868 or emailing hugh.leslie@matsugov.us. Additionally, you can contact the Mat-Su Borough Community Development Director, Eric Phillips, by calling (907) 861-8634 or visiting their website for more contact options.

As this controversy unfolds, it is essential to remember the potential implications it may have on our community, especially our youth. The decisions made by the Mat-Su Borough Library Board will directly impact the types of books available to minors in our local libraries. It is crucial for parents and community members to stay informed and actively participate in shaping the content that is accessible to our children.

In conclusion, the upcoming meeting of the Challenged Materials Review Committee regarding the explicit youth books featuring incest and masochistic sex will undoubtedly be a significant event for our community. It is a chance for concerned citizens to voice their opinions and potentially influence the final decision. Remember to stay engaged and follow this story as it develops. Check back for updates and stay informed about the decisions being made regarding the content available to our youth.

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