Second Generation Politician Rep. Sarah Vance Recruits Citizen Army to Dox Journalists

One of the cornerstones of democracy is a free and independent press. Unfortunately, too often elected officials attempt to use their power to harass and dox journalists who are simply trying to do their job. This kind of behavior by political representatives is completely unacceptable and should not be tolerated in any society that calls itself democratic.

Our Interactions With Rep. Sarah Vance

Politicians should never try to use their influence and power to silence, harass, or dox independent journalists. Doing so undermines the very foundation of our democracy – a free press that is allowed to speak truth to power without fear of retribution. It also sets a dangerous precedent for authoritarianism and censorship, both of which are antithetical to a healthy democracy.

District 31’s Teenagers also don’t like to interact with Rep. Sarah Vance

Sarah Vance, Homer’s Republican House Representative once addressed a legion of high schoolers’ letters in an online video – but it seems none had the decency to address her majesty by her full title. In an amusingly candid video posted online, Vance grumbled about not getting due respect from this precocious bunch!

“None of them have addressed me as Representative or Representative Vance, not a one! […] If our children are having trouble as high schoolers communicating well with their leaders, then we are missing something – if all they see is the value of a school is sports and extracurriculars.”

Rep. Sarah Vance

Respect is for representatives that don’t undermine the will of their constituencies.

Homer’s high schoolers had quite the reaction to Rep. Vance’s response, taking their fury online. Their revolt caused a social media avalanche that left poor of ol’ Vance groveling! She pulled down her video in an attempt at damage control! When a society is in luxury, wantonness in speech can be seen as a sign that public morale has relaxed.

We don’t think teenagers at Homer’s high school missed anything, quite the contrary, we think Vance is missing an important lesson about personal branding. She needs to learn the importance of creating an online presence that doesn’t wreak of establishment shill, by developing her own unique sense of self in order to gain recognition as a “playable character“. This will help her stand out from the rest of the Uniparty and other non-playable characters, but it will also be beneficial for networking with patriots.

A short lesson for Rep. Vance on Getting Over It:

Style of Speech is Not a Reflection of Character

  • Styles of speech often reflect the general character of the time and its morality, not that of the induvial.
  • Speech is directly linked to one’s soul; when it degenerates, so does their ability. Luxurious comforts and elaborate dress are signs of disease within a state, while lax styles indicate an imbalance in people’s minds.
  • Vices have been accepted throughout history due to people overlooking them or forgiving them for certain virtues they possess or signal at the same time.
  • Style changes with usage over time; some use obsolete words while others attempt novelty by departing from customary order or using metaphors frequently for an imposing effect – both being equally faulty when done without purpose beyond fissionability itself.
  • The mind’s habit of scorning usual things led to an obsession with novelties in speech as well; this included obsolete words, unknown or misshaped words, frequent metaphorical usage, and this insistence with a Uniparty élite on the use of titles with high school teenagers.
  • Arrangement of words could also be faulty such as abruptness/unevenness/soft gliding styles or cutting off thoughts short while attempting to make a good impression through doubt left upon hearers’ wits etc., all leading back ultimately to one individual setting up fashion trends followed by others thereafter
  • People who try to attract attention through outlandish behavior and clothing are exhibiting signs of great evil in their soul. It is indicative of a person who has lost their way and seeks to fill the void through attention seeking measures. It can be a symptom of low self-esteem or an inner desire for validation from others. Ultimately, this behavior does more harm than good and should be avoided if possible.
  • Imitation of others’ styles can also be indicative of a particular author’s temperament.
  • The way people talk, think, act and move is determined by the state of their soul; if it is sound and strong, then those functions will also be vigorous. Alaska is the perfect place to experience such inner strength due to its vast and unique landscape, which serves as a great reminder of how small we are in comparison to Nature’s grandeur. By taking time for yourself amongst this wild countryside, you can gain insight into your true being and let go of all that weighs us down.
  • When the mind gives in to pleasure or comforts, all other functions suffer as well. Moderation should come from recognizing life’s shortness and uncertainty while being mindful not to overindulge one’s bodily needs since they cannot consume more than what they need for a short time anyway.

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