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The Government Should Fear the People

The government should be afraid of its people to avoid tyranny and ensure accountability, serving the public’s interest. This balance prevents the government from overpowering its citizens.

“I have sworn, upon the Altar of God, Eternal hostility, against every form of Tyranny over the mind of man”

Thomas Jefferson

Public Service Means Serving the People!

Our founding fathers envisioned a government that serves its citizens. Service to the people should be rooted in reluctant duty, not an insatiable hunger for power. Unfortunately, we’ve twisted government service into a position of authority, where bureaucrats believe they control our property and rights. This mindset is an affront to the principles of liberty and self-governance.

The New Aristocracy: A Uniparty

Today, we witness a new aristocracy—a ruling class that lords over us with impunity. They’ve become an open, in-your-face nobility, far removed from the humility and responsibility intended by our nation’s founders. These elites have forgotten that their role is to serve the people with fearful respect, much like the reverence the Bible speaks of in relation to God.

Our government officials must remember that they are not our rulers. They are public servants, and they should act as such. The government exists by the consent of the governed, and it must always be accountable to the people. It’s high time we remind these so-called leaders of their place and ensure they understand the true meaning of public service.

Q: What can citizens do to ensure the government remains accountable?
A: Citizens can engage in active participation, such as voting, advocating for transparency, and holding officials accountable through public discourse and legal means.

When the government exceeds its authority, it violates our liberties. By requiring transparency and emphasizing that public service is for our benefit, we can regain control and achieve a government that reflects the people’s desires. We need to ensure our government respects its citizens with a healthy fear. Let’s reinforce to our officials their responsibility to uphold freedom and fairness.

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Alaska’s economy, fueled by oil and fishing, is bolstered by its strategic location near Asia, enhancing its role in global trade.

  • Analyzing House Bill 368: A Critical Look at Renewable Portfolio Standards
    House Bill 368, introduced on Feb. 20, aims to enhance Renewable Portfolio Standards, setting forth ambitious clean energy targets for Alaska. The bill requires 35% clean energy by 2036 and a further increase to 51% by 2051. While the goals are commendable, a deeper examination reveals significant considerations that demand attention. The Cost Factor and Energy Security One glaring omission in the bill is the lack of provisions to regulate energy costs in the Railbelt. The emphasis on affordable energy is paramount, especially in a challenging environment like Alaska. Rather than solely focusing on RPS mandates, a more pragmatic approach… Read more: Analyzing House Bill 368: A Critical Look at Renewable Portfolio Standards
  • The Battle of the Supermarkets: FTC vs. Albertsons-Kroger Merger
    In a clash that could reshape the grocery landscape, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has taken legal action against the proposed merger of retail giants Albertsons and Kroger. This move marks a significant development in the retail sector, sparking debates on market competition, consumer prices, and the balance of power within the industry. What’s at steak for the Albertsons-Kroger Merger? With Albertsons, the owner of Safeway, and Kroger, which operates Fred Meyer stores, aiming to join forces, the potential merger represents the largest in U.S. supermarket history. The FTC, spearheading the opposition, raised concerns about the impact on consumer costs,… Read more: The Battle of the Supermarkets: FTC vs. Albertsons-Kroger Merger
  • UPS Layoffs: A Consequence of Labor Demands and Technological Advancements
    The recent announcement by UPS management regarding the layoff of 12,000 employees has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions about the future of the company. This move comes shortly after the ratification of a five-year contract that raised wages for UPS Teamsters, resulting in higher labor costs for the company. While it is understandable that the Teamsters were jubilant about the wage increases, it is essential to consider the broader implications of such demands. The Impact of Higher Wages on UPS The wage increases included in the contract will undoubtedly benefit the UPS Teamsters. Full-time delivery drivers, by the end of… Read more: UPS Layoffs: A Consequence of Labor Demands and Technological Advancements
  • Alaska Airlines Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Religious Discrimination
    In a case that highlights the ongoing clash between corporate advocacy and religious freedom, two flight attendants are seeking summary judgment in their favor after being fired by Alaska Airlines for questioning the company’s support of the controversial Equality Act. The lawsuit, filed in May 2022, accuses the airline of creating a hostile work environment and discriminating against the plaintiffs based on their religious beliefs. The Equality Act, a bill aimed at amending the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include “gender identity and sexual orientation” as protected classes, has stirred significant debate across the nation. Supporters argue that it is… Read more: Alaska Airlines Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Religious Discrimination
  • Alaska’s Economic Outlook: A Call for Policy Reform
    In the 2023 update of its Rich States, Poor States index, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has ranked Alaska 23rd nationwide in terms of its economic outlook. While this might not seem like a cause for concern, it serves as a reminder that the state needs to implement policies that will help Alaskans thrive and improve their economic prospects. ALEC’s ranking is based on 15 equally weighted policy variables, including tax rates, tax burdens, public sector employment, liability systems, and minimum wage laws. Alaska’s economic outlook declined from 21st to 23rd nationwide in 2023 compared to the previous year.… Read more: Alaska’s Economic Outlook: A Call for Policy Reform

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